Solar energy made easy



Asoluna provides complete solar energy solutions for residential houses.

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Multifamily houses

Asoluna provides complete solar energy solutions for multifamily houses.

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Large solar energy systems


Asoluna provides complete solar energy solutions for industries, farms, public buildings and other large installations.

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Asoluna provides selected, high-quality photovoltaic panels for production of renewable electricity.



Asoluna develops, manufactures and delivers absorbers to solar collector manufacturers all over the world under the absorber trademarks Sunstrip and Lazerplate.

Asoluna optimizes solar energy systems with both solar thermal collectors (ST) and photovoltaic panels (PV). Asoluna has its own production site in Gothenburg, Sweden. The high-performance, maintenance-free products are based on world-leading patents.

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Solar collectors as façade elements

The façade element Prisma gives the architect the opportunity to use solar collectors in new, exciting ways.

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Our technology

The absorber production process involves minimal environmental impact and the sputtering technique used for coating generates no residue. The absorber strips are made of copper and aluminium, giving them a low weight, high rigidity, and low life cycle costs.

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Asoluna will assist you all the way from analyzing how solar energy could be beneficial to you – to the final project execution. References from various projects you will find here.

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We offer free consultation!