Asoluna provides solar energy solutions to private homes, multifamily houses,  industries, and public buildings. For solar thermal OEMs Asoluna manufactures  Sunstrip and Lazerplate absorbers. During the autumn of 2016 Asoluna acquired the  solar energy business from S-Solar in Finspång, and we now continue the  development of their world-leading products within solar energy.

Make sure to use the sun as your primary energy source, and other energy sources  only if needed – and do the environment and our future a big favour!

Maria Krebs CEO

Maria Krebs, CEO at Asoluna

Tel: +46 708 183831

Sustainable development

Our ambition is to have a proactive impact on the environment, contribute to resolving the climate  issue and to create sustainable value for people using our products.

The sun is a powerful source of energy. The sun rays that hit the earth during ten minutes carry the  amount of energy that the world consumes in a year. We only need to gather a small amount to meet  our need for heating, hot water and cooling. It also makes it possible to radically reduce the  greenhouse gases and to reduce the CO 2 level. Heating and cooling make up for around 50% of our  energy consumption. Solar thermal energy is a natural choice with minimal impact on the  environment.

Asoluna works actively to have an impact on the environment and increased sustainability through:

  • Products with the highest performance and the lowest environmental impact.
  • Communicate the importance of solar energy for the environment.
  • Increased energy efficiency in the operations through reduced energy consumption and
  • reduction of harmful materials.
  • Responsible procurement to reduce usage of energy consuming materials,
  • transportation and reduction of environmental impact in manufacturing countries.
  • Bring climate issue in focus.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most environmentallly friendly forms of energy. It is therefore  self-evident that Asoluna’s production of components and solar collectors is to be as environmentally  friendly as possible.

The materials in our solar collector strips and laser plate absorbers are renewable, and the production  process is both clean and resource efficient.

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