Large solar energy systems

Asoluna provides solar energy systems with both solar thermal and photovoltaic panels for industries,  farms and greenhouses, camping and swimming resorts, public buildings, and other large installations.

Tingvalla sports arena in Karlstad, Sweden


When the Tingvalla sports arena was built a solar energy solution was installed to  provide a combination of hot water, heating, and electricity. The installation included  170 m 2 of solar collectors (ST) rated 120 kW, and 172 m 2 of photovoltaic cells (PV)  rated 20 kW.

Greenhouse heating during the night


In a greenhouse the solar collector absorbers will collect heat during the day and  heat up the greenhouses during the night. The size of a greenhouse installation is  typically 3,000-20,000 m 2 .

Olympic Village for sailing in Qingdao


Advanced technology for solar thermal energy was used in the Olympic Village for  sailing in Qingdao in China during the Olympic Games 2008. The installation is  producing both heating, hot water and cooling for the sports centre as well as heating  of the pool system. The excess capacity is stored and utilized in a district heat  distribution system. The advanced design has received international and domestic  publicity and attention.


Solar collector surface 1,000 m 2 .

Area of installation 4,000 m 2 .

Heating capacity 900 kW.

Cooling capacity 500 kW.

Storage capacity 28 m 3 .

Absorption cooling technique was used.

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