Solar energy for multifamily houses

Asoluna provides solar energy systems for multifamily houses, where solar thermal collectors (ST) and  photovoltaic panels (PV) provide the base energy. Asoluna will optimize the setup depending on the  specific requirements for each installation.  The system might also be adjusted to suit specific needs, like pool heating or vehicle charging.

Solar thermal collectors for heating and hot water

Asoluna’s production site of solar collectors is located in Göteborg, Sweden. The high-performance  products are based on world-leading patents.

A solar thermal installation consists of designed Orbit solar collectors on the roof and an accumulator  tank and control unit inside. The Orbit solar collector has the Solar Keymark quality mark.

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Photovoltaic panels for electricity

With photovoltaic panels on the roof you will be producing your own renewable electricity. The  photovoltaic panels from Asoluna have been developed in Sweden and a very high quality level is  guaranteed.

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